High Yield for the Field

High Yield for the Field (2.12.16) by John Purakal, MD

  High Yield for the Field UIC Emergency Medicine Residency Presented by John Purakal, MD PGY2 This episode contains In-service board review with topics including tpa exclusion criteria, Toxicology & Ob/Gyn quick hits! Contributing presenters: Dr. Jeff Knisley, Dr. Chris Tanner Dr. Shana Nelson, Dr. Arielle Port, & Dr. Evan Robinson

High Yield for the Field

High Yield for the Field (HYFTF 1.26.16) – Hematology/Toxicology

This week’s HYFTF covers our past two conferences, with a toxicology review as well as various hematology topics including Sickle Cell labs, Tumor Lysis Syndrome, Neutropenic Fever and TTP. HYFTF – Created by Dr. John Purakal Conference Pearls from the University of Illinois at Chicago EM Residency Conference Dates 1/14 & 1/21 Hematology and Toxicology

Knowledge Bomb

Knowledge Bomb! Ketamine Versus Morphine For Analgesia

Background/Motivation A healthy 38yo male presents with anterior left shoulder dislocation. No known history of opioid use, pain scale 8/10 and he appeared uncomfortable. When discussing pain management, the Attending suggests we begin with morphine and use ketamine as an adjunct. I wondered why not just start with ketamine first as it has been known


Inconceivable: Fever of Unknown Origin

Chapter 4 – “Fever of Unknown Origin” Welcome to the fourth installment of “Inconceivable: medical terms that don’t mean what you think they mean.” You are taking care of a patient sent in from his PCP to be admitted for an intermittent fever for the past two weeks. He has no localizing infectious symptoms, he is

EM/IM Sessions

Journal Club – Treating Fever in the ICU – HEAT Trial Discussion

Interest Nurses, families, and consultants often request that we treat our patients’ fevers. We often reflexively answer, “Yeah, sure, give ’em a gram of acetaminophen, why not.” Occasionally we might take the high road, instead replying “Why would I blunt the body’s response to infection, let it fight!” Is there a benefit to calming the inflammatory response

High Yield for the Field

High Yield for the Field (HYFTF) 1.7.16 – By Dr. John Purakal

A new year brings a new HYFTF! In this episode, Dr. Purakal reviews talks by Dr. Eric Krueger (Derm review), Dr. George Hughes-Strange (CHF Overview) and a journal club presentation of his own on The Heart Score.