Knowledge Bomb

Knowledge Bomb! REVERT Trial

Welcome to the second entry in an ongoing series called the Knowledge Bomb! Description These entries will contain a short, quick-hitting summary of a recently published piece of literature with major take-home points including the writers (resident) opinion on how it influences their practice, plus an attending response/perspective. Knowledge Bomb #2 Bomb Article Appelboam A et

Soundwave Sessions

Acute Cholecystitis

Hello all. We are very fortunate at UIC | EM to have access to 5 different fellowships – 5 different sets of fellows, 5 different sets of fellowship educators. One of the goals of this blog is to bring the learning from these areas together for everyone to enjoy. With that in mind, welcome to


Inconceivable: The Positive Straight Leg Raise

Chapter 2 – “Positive Straight Leg Raise” Welcome to the second installment of “Inconceivable: medical terms that don’t mean what you think they mean.” For an introduction to this series, check out last month’s post.  (h/t Dr. Faust of FOAMcast for pointing out the correct spelling of Mr. Montoya’s name) This month we’re going to

Leah Davis

Remembering Dr. Leah Davis

Dear friends, I knew Leah as the most kind hearted, loving, optimistic person that I have ever met.  She was an excellent doctor, combining her knowledge with her empathic personality which gave her patients calmness in times of stress.  She had an inquisitive mind and always asked why and how?  This was a great thing

Leah Davis

Remembering Dr. Leah Davis

This is a letter to Leah and to everyone else who may have ever crossed paths with her. This is also my therapy. I haven’t fully accepted that Leah is gone. I cannot even begin to make sense of it. This must be a nightmare and I’m going to wake up and all will be