Well Aware

Well Aware: Crisis Mode

This post is inspired by the recent devastating hurricanes that have affected millions and tested the perseverance of many healthcare professionals in the areas. I started writing this blog post over a month ago, after spending a few minutes out on my sunny stoop with a cup of coffee and a cooing baby. Like so

Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness 11/11/2017

“All frustrations are self-induced. The world can invite us to be upset, but ultimately we accept the invitation” – Unknown On your next shift, take note each time someone voices frustration. A nurse, frustrated because her medications didn’t come up quickly enough. Techs frustrated that they have to go to the supply room because someone

Well Aware

Well Aware: Feel the Burn

Burnout. It’s a hot topic in medicine in general, and EM specifically. It seems that every single month one journal or another brings mention of burnout. Even the internists are worried about us: a JAMA Internal Medicine Study found that emergency physicians are the most burned out specialty in medicine, with 65% self-reporting burnout. Let’s

Well Aware

Well Aware: Taking Worry Home

“Don’t worry.” It’s one of the most common refrains in our house, spoken in my general direction. Because I worry about a lot of things. Many of these worries are low-level, background noise. They’ve been kicked into overdrive with recent life changes, and this has prompted a reflection on the ways in which our jobs

Well Aware

Well Aware: Shifting Around

Welcome to wellness! That sounds appropriately optimistic,  but a bit misleading, given that wellness is certainly not a destination to be reached and luxuriated in. Achieving good physical and mental health is a constant process, and almost ironically, it can be quite a struggle to maintain a balance between the rather unique pressures of our