(Last Updated On: November 11, 2017)

“All frustrations are self-induced. The world can invite us to be upset, but ultimately we accept the invitation” – Unknown

On your next shift, take note each time someone voices frustration. A nurse, frustrated because her medications didn’t come up quickly enough. Techs frustrated that they have to go to the supply room because someone didn’t stock appropriately. Doctors frustrated because a patient is leaving AMA after spending time working him up and convincing him to stay.

It is certainly reasonable to get frustrated at times for out of the ordinary problems. But those things I mentioned above are just every day happenings. Every shift you can expect that someone will take a long time to call back. Every shift you can expect a patient will not act appropriately. Every shift there will not be supplies where you need them.

Becoming frustrated about everyday events is an easy way to quickly burn out.

Every job has its frustrations, but minimize your reaction to them by expecting them, preparing for them, and learning to react in a way that doesn’t make you upset.

WEEKLY WELLNESS: This week, take note of those around you becoming frustrated, and how it turns an otherwise great shift into a day of irritation. Then take note of how you yourself react to everyday frustrations.