EM/IM Sessions

EM/IM Sessions: Impella for Refractory Cardiac Arrest

The Impella CP Device for Acute Mechanical Circulatory Support in Refractory Cardiac Arrest Vase H, Christensen S, Christiansen A, et al. Resuscitation 2017. [paper] Why I chose this study While perusing LITFL R&R I stumbled on this interesting study. As we have started seeing with increased use of ECMO and the development of tools such as

Knowledge Bomb

Knowledge Bomb: Outcomes of New Onset Afib/Aflutter in ER Patients

We continue on with the series with Knowledge Bomb #13. The purpose and motivation for this series is outlined in the first entry and extensively in an ALiEM IDEA series blog entry. Background In the United States, we are more inclined to focus on rate control for new onset atrial fibrillation (afib) in the ER rather

EM/IM Sessions

Journal Club: Procainamide vs Amiodarone for Stable VT

Randomized comparison of intravenous procainamide vs intravenous amiodarone for the acute treatment of tolerated wide QRS tachycardia:  The PROCAMIO study.  Ortiz et al., 2016 European Heart Journal [paper] Why I chose this article? The ACLS guidelines are quite specific on how to approach unstable conditions such as cardiac arrest.  They become much more vague and