High Yield for the Field

High Yield for the Field – GI Edition

#HYFTF is back! And kicking things off with some great reviews from our GI section! First up we have Dr. Komal Paladugu with pearls on hepatic disease from a lecture given by Dr. Adam Rodos! Dr. Jessica Zahn reviews appendicitis and the use of CT in its diagnosis. Enjoy!

High Yield for the Field

High Yield for the Field-The Red Eye

High Yield for the Field (HYFTF) 3.24.17 The Red Eye Overview of common eye diagnoses seen in the ED Lecture presented at Lutheran General by Dr. Juliet Seery Presented by Dr. Janae Hohbein, Dr. John Purakal and Dr. Puja Gopal For a written summary created by Dr. Hohbein, click here: RED EYE 3.10.16

High Yield for the Field

High Yield for the Field (HYFTF) Conference Pearls 12/3/15

  This week’s episode presented by Dr. John Purakal covers Dr. Laura Kwoh’s M&M presentation on Foreign Body Aspiration in the Pediatric Patient. Also, be sure to check out guest lecturer and UIC EM Alumnus Dr. Eashwar Chandrasekaran on Prognositication in the ED below! Link to Eashwar’s Lecture: https://vimeo.com/147404880

Conference 7/30/15 Quick Review

Conference, 7/30/15, Masonic, GI

Crashing GI Bleeder, with Dr. Snow: Always consider Aortoenteric Fistula in the differential – look for the abdominal scar ‘Load The Boat’ with the correct consultants very early on Protect Yourself – always wear face/eye protection Intubate these patients early – they can decompensate quickly Place a Nasogastric Tube prior to intubation, to empty the

Conference RecapCritical Care

Conference, 7/16/15, Mercy, Critical Care

ACLS/Sick vs Not Sick with Dr. Jess Barber: Good, consistent, uninterrupted compressions are essential in any code Compressions, defibrillation, running a systematic code are more important than intubation In tachycardia, stable vs unstable should be your first question Treat every patient you are coding like you would treat a loved one Drug Choices for Sedation