Knowledge Bomb

Knowledge Bomb: LP for Complex Febrile Seizures

We continue the series with Knowledge Bomb #16. The purpose and motivation for this series is outlined in the first entry and extensively in an ALiEM IDEA series blog entry. Background Simple febrile seizures are common in the pediatric population, ages 6 months to 5 years. However, complex febrile seizures are more rare, affecting less than 1% of children.

EM/IM Sessions

Journal Club – Treating Fever in the ICU – HEAT Trial Discussion

Interest Nurses, families, and consultants often request that we treat our patients’ fevers. We often reflexively answer, “Yeah, sure, give ’em a gram of acetaminophen, why not.” Occasionally we might take the high road, instead replying “Why would I blunt the body’s response to infection, let it fight!” Is there a benefit to calming the inflammatory response