Management of Hyperkalemia

Dr. Jordyn Johnson 

Editor: Omar Lopez MS3

Definition of Hyperkalemia?


EKG Changes

Nontraditional ECG changes:  

HyperK mimics: 

Why is Hyperkalemia dangerous?

Temporary vs Definitive Tx


Stabilization of cardiac membrane (Calcium gluconate) 

Redistribution of potassium (insulin and albuterol) 

Elimination of potassium (diuretics) 

Long term: 

Address underlying causes 

Diet - least emphasized but an important factor

Adverse Effects

Newer potassium exchange resins can induce hypomagnesemia, hypercalciuria, and even edema at high doses 

Changes of Practice

EMCrit: “Neither kayexalate nor patiromer has been proven to lower potassium acutely. Neither one currently has a role for emergent therapy of hyperkalemia.”