Pediatric Head Trauma

Dr. Rich LaVeau



Feasibility and Accuracy of Fast MRI Versus CT for Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Children.

Lindberg DM1,2,3,4, Stence NV5,6, Grubenhoff JA5,2, Lewis T5,2,3, Mirsky DM5,6, Miller AL5,6, O’Neill BR5,7, Grice K5,2, Mourani PM5,2,8, Runyan DK5,2,3.

The Study

This study was a single site prospective cohort study that attempted fast MRI in pediatric patients under 6 years old who had head CT performed. Feasibility was assessed by completion rate and imaging time. Fast MRI accuracy was measured against CT findings of TBI, including skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage, or parenchymal injury.


299 patients qualified, MRI was attempted in 225, and completed in 223. Mean imaging time was 59 seconds for CT and 365 seconds for fast MRI. TBI identified in 111 of these patients on CT. Fast MRI identified TBI in 103 of these patients (sensitivity 92.8; 95% CI), notably missing 2 subarachnoid hemorrhages and 6 isolated linear non-depressed skull fractures. However, fast MRI identified 6 TBIs in 5 patients missed on CT: 3 subdurals, 2 parenchymal contusions, and 1 subarachnoid hemorrhage